Wyoming Churches Being Targeted For Rfid Implant

Multiple wyoming school districts implant rfid chip, Multiple wyoming school districts implant rfid chip technology in students without parental consent. Rfid chip now being issued in hanna, wyoming as part of, Rfid chip now being issued in hanna, wyoming as part of new “obamacare” plan. Snopes.com: multiple wyoming school districts implant rfid, Wyoming recently saw several hundred elementary and middle school children being implanted with the new mini rfid. during their annual physical checkup and.

News about mandatory rfid chips in wyoming is bogus, Wake up, internet! that viral "news" story claiming welfare recipients in wyoming are required by law to have rfid chips implanted in their butts is a. Another hidden secret in obamacare “rfid chip implants, Related posts: texas school district require students to wear rfid chip while on campus a school district in san antonio, texas is requiring middle. 666 rfid micro chip implant obamacare bill december 31, The new health care (obamacare) law h.r. 3590 also hr 4872 requires all us citizens to have the rifd implanted http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com perry.

Spychips.com - how rfid will compromise privacy, security, Tommy thompson: the "chipper" president? election bid raises specter of rfid implant threat. click here to read the press release. Analysis of radio frequency identification (rfid) chip, Tweet; john t. brugle, ph.d and mary franz, ph.d, m.p.h. wyoming institute of technology, human studies division epub ahead of print . abstract radio frequency. Chip implants for humans already here and in use, Yahoo! > identification systems > verichip - directory listing: company to sell id-only computer chip implant (ap.

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