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What is the code to unlock sabc channels on wiztech 223, 1. do a blind scan on your decorder 2. press menu then 3- 0-3-0 on you remote to unscramble sabc channels. 3. scroll through the channels list to locate the sabc. Space television audio visual & communication wholesalers, Wiztech-kit90: wiztech 007 dvb-s free to air, mpeg-2 decoder, wall bracket, 90cm mild steel dish, lnb: more info. How to retune your decoder and continue listening to cii, Modak. connect the decoder to a tv unit and use the tv remote to select the av channel until you find the modak or cii picture; now use the modakremote only.

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Other decoders - radio islam - home, Other makes of decoders how to tune!!!! effective as at 29 november 2014. vivid decoder; god decoder; modek ; modek 888; modek silver series 999; strong 4310. What are the settings for yadah tv on dstv hd decoder, What are the settings for yadar tv on dstv hd decoder. Multichoice blocking fta channels on their new decoders, Multichoice is blocking fta channels on their new decoders such as the dstv explora.

Test reports - tracksat.com - satellite directional charts, Satellite tv charts all over the world from asia, europe, atlantic and america. daily updated satellite information.. Want 6 radio channels on multitv? rescan your decoder, Hello, david i would like to know if i can use my multi tv decoder to get the english premier league or i would need an mpeg 4 decoder to get it. if so is strong 4669. How to connect my dstv decoder to my lg dvd home theater, How to connect my dstv decoder to my lg dvd home theater recorder standard decoder.

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