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Minimum wage increases will give raises to 3 million, 21 states will raise their minimum wage on january 1, 2015.. Nebraska minimum wage increase, initiative 425 (2014, The nebraska minimum wage increase, initiative 425 was on the november 4, 2014 ballot in nebraska as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.. What will a minimum wage increase cost you at mcdonald's?, Source: data from mcdonald's sec filings, calculations are the author's. you can see that prices would go up but a $10 minimum wage would cost consumers.

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Minimum wage in the united states - wikipedia, the free, The minimum wage had its highest purchasing value in 1968, when it was $1.60 per hour ($10.88 in 2014 dollars). from january 1981 to april 1990, the minimum wage was. [updated] state minimum wage increases for 2014 (map), Editor's note: we have a newer state minimum wage map for changes effective in 2014 and 2015! it's available here. employers get ready! minimum wage increases will. State minimum wages | 2014 minimum wage by state, State. minimum wage. as of 2-24-15. future enacted increases. indexed automatic annual adjustments. alabama. none . alaska. $8.75. $9.75 eff. 1-1-16. indexed annual.

Arizona's minimum wage will increase on january 1, 2014, On january 1, 2014, the arizona minimum wage will increase from $7.80 to $7.90. each year, on january 1, the arizona minimum wage increases pursuant to a. The effects of a minimum-wage increase on employment and, Raising the minimum wage would increase family income for many low-wage workers, moving some of them out of poverty. but some jobs for low-wage workers would probably. States raise minimum wage in 2014 - shrm online, Despite gridlock in congress on a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage, many lower-paid workers have seen their earnings increase due to recent changes in.

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