Why does my text messages on my samsung phone fail - i am, On mysamsung galaxy s2 it says failed on thread list why? my phone shows failed on the thread but the message sent and it won`t tell me what text failed how do i. Internet archive frequently asked questions, The wayback machine . where is the rest of the archived site? why am i getting broken or gray images on a site? broken images (when there is a small red "x. Can t receive text messages from one person - why would, Reason why only one person would be not receiving my texts but receives everyone else s tmobile. if a sms is blocked by firewall does the person get a message it was.

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Can't receive text messages on my new samsung galaxy s4, Can't receive text messages on my new samsung galaxy s4 from any ipones. My samsung galaxy s4 keeps randomly deleting my text, My samsung galaxy s4 keeps randomly deleting my text messages . just a chunk of them from my previous text messages i had. i cant go back and see them. Why won't my phone allow me to send a video through text, So wait, i want to see this. take a video in full resolution on an iphone and send it to me through sms /mms. pm me for my phone number if you like..

How to send a text message on the samsung galaxy s4, Still trying to figure out how to send an sms on your samsung galaxy s4? we can help! text messaging is probably something you’re going to be doing often on your. Samsung galaxy s4 - notifications for text message, My notifications for text messages do not work which means i have to keep looking at my phone to see if i have received a text. when in the messag. How do i turn off audible email notifications, but still, I figured it out! for anyone who has the same issue, it is not a galaxy s4 issue, it is a yahoo email issue. you have to go into the settings in yahoo (all the way at.

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