Why Am I Getting A Text Message With A Email On My Galaxys4

Why does my boyfriend get mt text in chinese writing, I got the galaxy s 4 about a month and a half ago and randomly when i send my boyfriend a text he gets it in chinese writing does anyone know why this. Why is my at&t note edge deleting incoming text messages?, My note edge just started deleting random incoming text messages. i am able to view them when they are received, but after i reply, some of them disappear.. Can t receive text messages from one person - why would, Why would someone on my account not be able to get imesseges or texts from me but can send to me on apple.

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Poz - poz magazine - poz.com - hiv - aids - hiv aids, Frequently asked questions. these are some of the most common questions asked about poz personals, along with our answers. we also recommend checking out the poz.com. How do i turn off audible email notifications, but still, I figured it out! for anyone who has the same issue, it is not a galaxy s4 issue, it is a yahoo email issue. you have to go into the settings in yahoo (all the way at. Why do i get annoymous text msg that when i open says 4504, Cell phone anonymous 4504 message not found. my bb 8250 cut off while i was on the phone. i had to battery cell left. it turned back on after a few seconds, but it.

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