Election 2014: key races, tea party candidates & the odds, Senate •alaska: tea party candidate joe miller is expected to be one of three contenders for the republican nomination to challenge mark begich, first-term. ‘salute the tea party of texas’: tea party candidates, Republican voters appeared ready to push texas even further to the right tuesday, backing tea party favorites and casting out longtime lt. gov. david. Welcome to the home of the tea party express, Tea party express is proud to stand for six simple principles: no more bailouts, reduce the size and intrusiveness of government, stop raising our taxes, repeal.

Pearland TEA Party 2014 Primary Endorsed Candidates!

The tea party is losing - the washington post, In kentucky, bevin began his race as a cause celebre for the tea party in a race that is both hugely symbolic for the tea party and hugely important in the. Eric cantor defeated by tea party candidate in virginia, House majority leader eric cantor has lost his republican primary in virginia's 7th congressional district to tea party challenger david brat — a. Gop establishment 1, tea party 0 after north carolina, In the intraparty battle for the gop, score round 1 for the republican establishment over the tea party..

Republican house majority leader eric cantor succumbs to, House majority leader eric cantor (va.), the chamber’s second-ranking republican, was badly beaten in a primary contest tuesday by an obscure professor with tea. The tea party blew it - molly ball - the atlantic, Tuesday's republican primaries were the tea party's last chance. and the tea party struck out. in mississippi, challenger chris mcdaniel failed to dethrone six-term. Majority leader eric cantor loses primary to tea party, As the polls close in virginia, it appears tea party challenger david brat has defeated house majority leader eric cantor in the republican primary for virginia’s.

We are skipping our May meeting in lieu of GOTV for our Tea Party ...