What Does Disposition Entered Mean

In law what does a disposition mean - answers.com, In law what does migrated disposition mean? 1) migrated disposition means that person was charged in one court system, e.g. county or state then dropped and picked up. What does disposition without trial mean? | ehow, What does disposition without trial mean?. the united states legal system gives both civil and criminal defendants the right to have their case proceed to. What does this mean case disposed with disposition of, What does this mean case disposed with disposition of request for dismissal?.

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What does this mean on a small claims case"case, Answered may 20, 2009 00:06. the term "disposed" means the case has concluded and the phrase "disposition of judgment contested" means the case has. What is a disposition date on a court record? | ehow, The disposition date may mean slightly different things in different legal contexts. however, generally the disposition date on a court document refers to. What does “born again” mean? - the restored church of god, What does “born again” mean? by david c. pack many speak of having been “born again.” what does this term mean? millions think they know..

What is a court disposition? - ask.com, A court disposition is the court's final ruling on a case or issue in legal proceedings. a court disposition is also needed when property is transferred by a deed or. What is a disposition date in court - ask.com, A disposition date in court refers to a date in which a ruling is normally made on a defendant, he or she will be found either guilty or innocent.. Disposition | define disposition at dictionary.com, Their intelligence, friendly disposition, and "smiling" faces make dolphins popular in large aquariums and with divers . the protection and disposition of.

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