Bullseye and 9mm - the firing line forums, The skunkworks > handloading, reloading, and bullet casting i've reloaded .38s for years using bullseye but recently switched to shooting 9mm (h i use. 9mm 125 gn. hard cast bullet seating depth and load data, I am new into reloading and have gone to the local gun shows here in dallas and purchased several thousand cast bullets for reloading all of my various calibers.. Berrys bullets - ruger forum, Berrys bullets. this is a discussion on berrys bullets within the reloading forums, part of the firearm forum category; i just purchased some bullets from berrys..

9mm 115 grains hp/xtp with hs-6?? - smith & wesson forum, Yes i do, however these loads where made years ago, and after a couple of tours to iraq i lost some reloading info. and normally i only reload rifle ammo (for hunting. Missouri bullets for 9mm parabellum - smith & wesson forum, You need to read up on lead bullets and reloading them first. lead bullets are typically .001" larger in diameter than jacketed bullets, sometime more.. Need help 9mm 115gr lrn / power pistol - national gun forum, Hi guys i need some insight here, i'm trying to load some 9mm using a 115 grain lead round nose bullet and power pistol as my powder. overall length is at 1.125"..

Best choices for self defense ammo - ar15.com, Copyright, ar15.com. this document compiles the current state-of-the-art of the best choices available for self-defense ammunition. it includes a scientific. Terminal ballistics - rathcoombe, Iv. empirical methods of estimating actual terminal effect iv. a. performance of non-deforming bullets. iv. a. i. flat-nosed handgun and rifle bullets. The ar15.com ammo-oracle, Q. what is the history behind the development of the .223/5.56mm round? q. what is the difference between 5.56×45mm and .223 ammo?.