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Need load data xtreme 115 gr. 9mm with power pistol, Any one have load data using xtreme plated 115 grain 9mm bullets? the powder i have is power pistol. need coal too. i e mailed alliant. the load data is 5.5 grains. Need some advice on loading 9mm - smith and wesson forums, Hey marc, you are correct as to them having no load data. this what they do say about their bullets: our copper plated bullets can be run at mid-range jacketed. Question for wst users - smith & wesson forum, Today i called the reloading center at hodgedon/winchester to find find out why there is such a lack of pistol load data for wst powder, particularly in 9mm. i spoke.

9mm reloading troubles - the firing line forums, Stormycc, welcome to the forum. the load data seems rather conflicted. alliant maxes out at 5.8 grains of blue dot, but quickload shows even your 6.1 grain load just. 9mm 125 gn. hard cast bullet seating depth and load data, 9mm 125 gn. hard cast bullet seating depth and load data handloading, reloading, and bullet casting. Favorite powders - 223 / 5.56 / 9mm reload central database, Huge collection of 223 / 5.56 / 9mm / 7.62x39 / 6.8 grendel reloading information..

9mm 115 gr. vs 124 gr. vs 147 gr. - smith & wesson forum, The 9m/m in the 147 grain load has very little recoil and noise. it is supposed to be the most accurate loading and i have found that to be true in my guns.. Handloading - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The basic piece of equipment for handloading is the press. a press is a device that uses compound leverage to push the cases into the dies that perform the loading. Best choices for self defense ammo -, Copyright, this document compiles the current state-of-the-art of the best choices available for self-defense ammunition. it includes a scientific.