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Reloading data - 9mm - the firing line forums, Go to the powder mfg website.they all have reloading data for their powders in the popular caliber it is used in. they have a 125gr fmj for titegroup that you can use,. Loading data for copper plated bullets - smith & wesson forum, For the most part, you won't. aa has some data using their powders & some plated bullets. the rule of thumb, plated load between a lead & jacketed bullet.. Need help with 9mm load and win 231 - gunrightsmedia, I have a smith 952 in 9mm. i looked at lee, lyman, midway's 9mm load book and a few other manuals to get starting and max loads. my pistol will kick the brass at 4.

9mm load data with bullseye - gunboard's forums, Gunboard\'s forums first some things to consider: from the data i have read. i understand that the minimum oal must be maintained when shooting max or near max loads.. 115 or 124 grainers in 9mm? - thr -, I have another reloading question. in 9mm pistols, are 115 grain fmjs considered a better load than 124 fmjs? i'm just interested in the most. 9mm 115 gr. vs 124 gr. vs 147 gr. - smith & wesson forum, The 9m/m in the 147 grain load has very little recoil and noise. it is supposed to be the most accurate loading and i have found that to be true in my guns..

Reloading the .357 sig - handguns and ammunition forums, I started handloading the .357 sig back in 1995. i bought a set of rcbs dies and a redding profile crimp die. i tumble the fired cases clean and then lube. Handloading tips for 9mm part 1 - ruger forum, The following is a post published on the cz forum. the author is the owner of the site. the article contains useful information for those who reload the 9mm cartridge.. Alliant herco powder for 9mm - mp-pistol forum, Alliant powder reloader's guide 1996 post the following load data for 9mm luger using herco powder: 115 fmj, 6.3 grains, 1,180fps, 28,700psi, max.