Thread Need Load Data For 124 Grain Jacketed 9 Mm Bullets W

Need 9mm load data for w-231, 124 fmj's - the firing line, Insert the usual disclaimers here: use these loads at your own risk!!! looking it up in my "everything 9mm" loading book, i see where winchester is listing the. Berry's 9mm 115gr (rn) and 124 (fp) plated bullets i need, The firing line forums > the skunkworks > handloading, reloading, and bullet casting: berry's 9mm 115gr (rn) and 124 (fp) plated bullets i need load data help. Need help with 9mm load and win 231 - gunrightsmedia, I have a smith 952 in 9mm. i looked at lee, lyman, midway's 9mm load book and a few other manuals to get starting and max loads. my pistol will kick the brass at 4.

.45 acp: load data for 185gr lead versus jacketed, I reloaded lots of .38 and 9mm but i'm new to .45 acp. i plan to load some 185 gr lhp (lead semi-wadcutters) from precision delta. i'm having somewhat of a tough time. X-treme 9mm 124gr hp load help - smith & wesson forum, I load extreme (as well as a few other brands of plated bullets) just use the low to mid range data for the same weight/profile jacketed bullet.. 38 super load data - 1911forum, 38 super load data reloading bench i've been using 9mm 124 grain berry's flat points over a mid range charge of unique..

Berry's 124 grain and bullseye powder? - 9mm/38 caliber, I am looking for info on reloading using berry's 124 grain copper plated bullets in 9mm and using bullseye powder. should i use fmj load data for these bullets?. Load data needed for 125 gr cast 9mm - survivalist forum, Load data needed for 125 gr cast 9mm firearms general discussion. 115 or 124 grainers in 9mm? - thr -, I have another reloading question. in 9mm pistols, are 115 grain fmjs considered a better load than 124 fmjs? i'm just interested in the most.