Thread Need Load Data For 124 Grain Jacketed 9 Mm Bullets W

9mm 125 gn. hard cast bullet seating depth and load data, 9mm 125 gn. hard cast bullet seating depth and load data handloading, reloading, and bullet casting. forums - scout, Sniper's hide reloading depot. loads shown are for general ideas for you. never try someone else's loads in your rifle. always follow the 10% rule.. Reloading data - 9mm - the firing line forums, I'm just getting into reloading and i will be starting with 9mm and have some questions on looking up loading data for the 9mm. to start with i plan to load for the.

Favorite powders - 223 / 5.56 / 9mm reload central database, Huge collection of 223 / 5.56 / 9mm / 7.62x39 / 6.8 grendel reloading information.. 9mm 115 gr. vs 124 gr. vs 147 gr. - smith & wesson forum, The 9m/m in the 147 grain load has very little recoil and noise. it is supposed to be the most accurate loading and i have found that to be true in my guns.. Handloading - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The basic piece of equipment for handloading is the press. a press is a device that uses compound leverage to push the cases into the dies that perform the loading.

Terminal ballistics - rathcoombe, Iv. empirical methods of estimating actual terminal effect iv. a. performance of non-deforming bullets. iv. a. i. flat-nosed handgun and rifle bullets. Really impressed with sns coated bullets - smith & wesson, Went out and fired off 200 rounds loaded with the new sns coated bullets today in a pair of .357 revolvers. i was using the 125gr fp sized at .358 on top of 5.2gr of. The ammo-oracle, Q. what is "ballistic tip" ammo? "ballistic tip" is actually a trademark of nosler, who first started making plastic tipped bullets in 1985..