States With Pending Marijuana Legislation In 2014

State medical marijuana laws - legislative news, studies, In 1996, california voters passed proposition 215, making the golden state the first in the union to allow for the medical use of marijuana. since then, 22 more. Indiana state senator announces medical marijuana bill, A move by congress to block funding for federal interference in state medical marijuana laws is emboldening legislators who want their states to join others that. Medical marijuana bill dies in washington state -, Seattle — legislation aimed at bringing washington state’s largely unregulated medical marijuana system under state control, which state officials have.

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New york state is set to loosen marijuana laws -, Andrew m. cuomo michael nagle for the new york times . new york hopes to have the infrastructure in place this year to begin dispensing medical marijuana. Medical marijuana ok’d in more states in 2014, May 22, 2014 -- more than half the states in the country now have laws that in some way permit medical marijuana -- even in the most conservative states.. President signs federal spending bill protecting state, I just noticed that the language in the medical marijuana amendment prevents the doj from preventing states from “implementing their own state laws” regarding.

Map: marijuana laws in the united states - denver and, Marijuana laws: here's a look across the u.s. at current state statutes for medical and recreational marijuana.. President to sign federal spending bill protecting state, Wyoming house committee approves marijuana decriminalization bill thomas h. clarke | january 22, 2015. Legal pot coming soon? 50-state marijuana law roundup, Of the 20 states that do not have a push underway this year, 12 have already ok’d medical marijuana or decriminalization. additionally, activists in at.

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