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Kreyola's journeys: what does the sisterlocks tools look like?, I'm was surprised that they are sisterlocker out there that have never seen the sisterlocks tools. to me that is amazing! when i was researching sisterlocks, i. Tools to retighten sisterlocks - ehow | how to - discover, Tools to retighten sisterlocks. tools to keep dreadlocks tight are the same for women's locks as they are for men. lock tightening involves entwining new hair growth. How to redo sisterlocks with the nappylocs tool | ehow, How to redo sisterlocks with the nappylocs tool. sisterlocks are similar to dreadlocks and are formed by threading the hair unto itself to create a chain of locks.

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Dreads, dreadlocks, sisterlocks, interlocking tool - youtube, Http:// tighter locs without using messy oils, cremes, gels or hair damaging heat (hair dryer or blow dryer) dreads, how to start. Retightening classes - sisterlocks, 1. you have sisterlocks and no other hair locking system in your hair. 2. your hair is well maintained - no major damage, repair issues or problems.. Interlock tool for dreadlocks and sisterlocks - youtube, This craft needle is an awesome do it yourself tool interlocking dreadlocks and sisterlocks. will take the drama out of retightening..

Sisterlocks natural awakenings -, One of my favorite products to use after washing my sisterlocks is the turbie twist. it's a super absorbent soft hair towel that absorbs excess water.. Oh my! sisterlocks: how to maintain locks and to keep them, Lock tips & guidelines locking is a process. it is more of an art than a science. it takes time and patience. no two people will get exactly the same results.. Oh my! sisterlocks: lock style using pipe cleaners, Not the best pictures but you get the idea. i hope you like my curls. have you tried pipe cleaners? enjoy the freedom( ‿ ).

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