Server Does Not Support Authentication On Galaxy S4

Galaxy s4 wifi problem: "authentication error" - android, I would turn off mac address authentication. not much need for it imo, especially with a good password.. Galaxy s4 wifi problem: "authentication error" - page 2, Just to elevate this problem a little. with my new galaxy s4, i cannot connect to wi-fi at home or at work. i have confirmed that it works on a non-secure starbucks. Configure samsung galaxy s3 or s4 for microsoft exchange, Instructions to setup or configure samsung galaxy s3 or s4 to connect or sync with microsoft exchange server..

How to configure proxy server on samsung galaxy s4 ?, If your workplace uses a proxy server, you may need to configure your galaxy s4 with manual proxy settings in order to access the internet. here are the steps.. Problem setting up email account on samsung galaxy s4, Want to know how to set up an email account on a sansung galaxy s4. i can't set up email account. it keeps on telling me account can't be authenticated. Samsung galaxy s4 set up bigpond email .. - telstra, I purchased a samsung galaxy s4 yesterday - and cannot for the life of me get the email connected to my bigpond account ??? it's a telstra phone & plan .. had a.

Outlook for galaxy s4 - microsoft community, Hi mike, welcome to microsoft office community and thanks for posting the question. by your description, i understand that you want the samsung galaxy s4. How do i do an authentication for my google play on my, I need to authenitcate my account by signing in to my google acct from my android. how do i do that? i just got this phone yesterday.. on a samsung galaxy s4 android phone, Thanks so much, dan. if i do go ahead and get the galaxy s4 at least i'll have your advice for setting up the custom domain. however, since i posted this i.

Mark any additional options that your Exchange server may require and ...