'queen of versailles' jackie siegel confesses to 'a couple, Jackie siegel, star of the documentary "queen of versailles," mastermind of america's largest home, and wife of timeshare mogul david siegel, sat down with. The queen of versailles: what i learned from the siegels, It’s hard to summarize the majority of the queen of versailles, but let me try. mrs. siegel repeatedly participates in retail therapy and soothes her sadness with. Jackie siegel - queen of versailles update: what's she, Jackie siegel, the subject of lauren greenfield’s enthralling 2012 documentary queen of versailles, is gunning for her own reality show. right now there’s no word.

Review: ‘The Queen of Versailles’ by Lauren Greenfield

Radar online | what happened to the siegels & their, Jackie siegel, better known as the much maligned subject of the riveting the queen of versailles documentary, only has one regret about her screen debut. Queen of versailles jackie siegel vows house will be, Will the bravo screening have an update on david's business? that's what they're working on. that's the thing david wanted, a card at the end to give the true update.. Queen of versailles - playground magazine, It’s not until i am driving her to the site of “versailles” or what she describes as her new home (and i describe as a potential disney resort) that it dawns on.

The unreal housewife of orlando : the queen of versailles, By john powers - the queen of versailles, lauren greenfield’s highly amusing (if occasionally slippery) new documentary uses the rise and fall of a billionaire and. 177 minutes with 'queen of versailles' jackie siegel, 177 minutes with jackie siegel touring ten kitchens, a 30-car garage, and a 10,000-square-foot spa with the queen of versailles.. David edelstein on ‘the queen of versailles’ -- new, W hy in the name of mammon did the 73-year-old time-share billionaire david siegel and his 43-year-old blonde third wife, jackie, let director lauren.