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Ffxiv - paladin tanking guide: user interface and macros, Guide can be found at: ­1-guide-paladin-tanking-compendium-2.0 this video is to give some suggestions on how to. Ffxiv paladin macros (outdated) - youtube, Link to the newly updated paladin macro guides can be found here on my channel paladin macro playlist: Ffxiv mining leveling guide (updated 50 to 60), More updates! to level 50+! level up mining quickly! mining quests items? finding mining nodes? stop wasting time! power level your miner!.

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Zam ffxiv forum., Ffxiv linkshell recruitment and server forums ffxiv linkshell recruitment and server forums: 3124: 12676 [odin] <kg>- eu - recruiting more members! 13 hours, 2. Summoner macro guide, pet control and general play tips, Thanks for writing back :) i have seen the <tt> command in macros before but do not use it for a couple of reasons: 1. some bosses shift their focus of. Aether currents quests flow chart : ffxiv - reddit, Reddit: the front page of the internet you need to attune to aether currents for your mounts to fly in the new heavensward zones..

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