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New to s4 - help with icon meaning please :), Eye icon on galaxy s4, n symbol on galaxy s4, what does the eye icon mean on the galaxy s4, what does the eye mean on galaxy s4, what does the eye on the galaxy s4 mean. Samsung galaxy mini - list of display icons, A number of icons on the standby display show different settings. follow these instructions to see a list of display icons.. Bluetooth technology definition and overview, Bluetooth technology is a wireless technology that connects electronic devices while they are in close vicinity of one other..

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Leaked android 4.4 build for the galaxy s4 shows white, Last month we took a look at google's android compatibility definition document, which stated that oems must use white icons if they're using translucent status bars. What’s this icon? galaxy s4 notification bar icons, The samsung galaxy s4 smartphone has a lot of features, options, and settings. surely you've seen an odd icon appear in your notification bar up top and wondered what. Verizon galaxy s4: whenever i click on phone icon i get, My phone started doing the exact same thing on tuesday after the security update was applied. i ended up doing factory reset and it worked until this evening, when it.

Tip: samsung galaxy s ii android notification bar icon, On my samsung galaxy tab s, on the upper left hand side of the notifications bar, there is a persistent message icon (envelope) with a small “x” on the envelope. Samsung galaxy s3 mini review: contacts and calling, Contacts. the samsung galaxy s3 mini follows on in the same way that the samsung galaxy s3 did for its contacts, and we weren't massive fans. this was mainly because. Samsung galaxy s3 mini review: messaging | mobile phones, Messaging has to be one of the key aspects of any modern smartphone experience, if only because it now comes in more shapes and sizes than the smartphones it appears on..

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