Oregon will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in 2014, This november, oregon voters will get to decide whether they want to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana. "initiative petition 53 has qualified. The new york times calls for marijuana legalization, The federal government should follow the growing movement in the states and repeal the ban on marijuana for both medical and recreational use.. Recreational use in alaska - cnn.com - breaking news, u.s, (cnn)-- marijuana prohibition laws are slowly going up in smoke. an alaska citizens' group is pushing to legalize recreational marijuana, which would make.

... on drugs is over two states have passed marijuana legalization laws

Pivotal point is seen as more states consider legalizing, Kevin a. sabet is the executive director of smart approaches to marijuana, which is spearheading much of the effort to stop legalization initiatives.. Recreational use of marijuana now legal in washington state, Jared cruver of snohomish, wash., smokes marijuana from a mini water pipe shortly after a law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana took effect on. Colorado, washington legalize recreational marijuana use, Voters in washington and colorado passed ballot initiatives tuesday to legalize marijuana for recreational use, the biggest victory ever for the.

For first time, americans favor legalizing marijuana, A majority of americans support legalizing marijuana for the first time in gallup's trend dating back to 1969. republicans and older americans still oppose. 10 things to know about colorado's recreational marijuana, There appears to be a shift in the united states in favor of relaxing marijuana laws, a topic that has dipped in and out of the national conversation for. N.y. times endorses marijuana legalization - politico.com, The new york times editorial board endorsed the repeal of federal law banning marijuana use on saturday, a landmark moment in the decades-long fight for legalization.

... legalize marijuana the next 8 states that could legalize marijuana