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Timeline of human evolution - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The timeline of human evolution outlines the major events in the development of the human species, and the evolution of humans' ancestors. it includes a brief. Evolution of human intelligence - wikipedia, the free, The evolution of human intelligence refers to a set of theories that attempt to explain how human intelligence has evolved. these theories are closely tied to the. Human skin color - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying human skin color variation is still incomplete, however genetic studies have discovered a number of genes that.

Two Groups

Human brain - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The dominant feature of the human brain is corticalization. the cerebral cortex in humans is so large that it overshadows every other part of the brain.. Human resource management - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Human resource management (hrm, or simply hr) is a function in organizations designed to maximize employee performance in service of their employer’s strategic.

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