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Guroguruguroguruguroguru, Close enough (via uuiuu) posted at 12:43 pm 28 notes permalink ∞ source: uuiuu. Magic archive voile - gensokyo, Only images directly related to scanlation (i.e., raw images or files, translations, and edits) should be posted on this board. feel free to visit the original. Gurofan, A collection of guro manga scanlations, translated from japanese to english..

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The overchan - a directory of english 2ch-boards, The overchan. this is a directory of messageboards in the style of ni channel or futaba channel. basically, it has to meet the following qualifications:. G4 :: galleries - eka's portal, This is the main page of our archives. check the faq for more information!. Story - inflatechan, 1. name: ult.rugal @ 2015-02-11 09:49 "you did what?" seth, the leader of the organization known as s.i.n., itself a branch of shadaloo itself, was not amused by.

Drawn - inflatechan, File 141367409759.jpg - (809.46kb , 1680x1176 , stangers_with_candy_by_chadrocco.jpg ) berries 3 ij 14/10/18(sat)16:14 no. 88097 [first 100 posts] [last 50 posts. 18+ yuri project, Axypb!axypb9jmfu 15/02/23(mon)05:18 id:h6d7uorg no.4620 . for those interested, i've built a standalone ren'py launcher with the polish translation..

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