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Fuck yeah creepy illustrations - tumblr, Ask submit things here range from weird, to kind of gorey, to strange, to gross, to artsy, to disturbing, to kind of beautiful, to obviously creepy. provide me with a. Magic archive voile -, Only images directly related to scanlation (i.e., raw images or files, translations, and edits) should be posted on this board. feel free to visit the original. Gurofan -, Gurofan -

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Piercing lust - livejournal, Xopeachymomo: 12:11 am - the nightmare (yaoi, rape, torture, blood/violence, angst, romance) the characters and story belong to me; this is an original. Happy sex - wakachan, Supported file types are: 7z, gif, jpg, png, rar, swf, torrent, zip; maximum file size allowed is 10000kb. for images of women engaged in happy sex.. Queer /co/ promotions - plus4chan, Found this: it does have medical kink in it, but if you can get over that, it's pretty good. the writing isn't the best.

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