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Planet x location on google earth sky: 5h 53m 27s,-6 10, From my previous post: in the exact coordinates mentioned above, planet x/nibiru was spotted in 2007 by the south pole telescope (which was actually built for that. Planet x / nibiru -, began researching planet x / nibiru in late 2000 as result of our earth changes research dating back to early 1999. what we determined is that while. Nibiru | planet x disclosures, latest updates and evidence, (altheadlines) the existence of nibiru or planet x as it is often called, is fueled by much anticipation and clues found in ancient mythology and more recently with.

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Nibiru (what again?) has been "revealed" on google sky, Shepard ambellas (guests - coast to coast am) june 23, 2015 planet x just revealed by google sky? black swath gone, ‘winged disk’ visible controversial, heavily. Nibiru - planeta x / nibiru - planet x, Nibiru (also transliterated neberu, nebiru) is a term in the akkadian language, translating to "crossing" or "point of transition". Nibiru was found on google sky map, planet x! aug 2015, Nibiru was found on google sky map, planet x! aug 2015, video and coordinates, ufo sighting news..

Nibiru / planet x found on microsoft world wide telescope, O.k after searching on google sky and seeing the cropped out area i went to microsoft worldwide telescope and the missing piece is there but there is no. Google sky – a senseless stampede : your own world usa, In june 2015, social media and internet sites were abuzz about a google sky “winged object” purported to be planet x / nibiru.. Planet x nibiru hercolubus insider speaks out, arrival, Planet x nibiru hercolubus insider speaks out, arrival date is march 2016.

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