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Crafter gear materia cap : ffxiv - reddit: the front page, I've been going by this, same as yours for the few i checked: http://viperbeam.com/ffxiv/doh_materiacaps.xls. Ffxiv 2.4 master crafting gear guide & max materia melds, Updated for 2.4! the dreaded four star crafting has come! crafting gear & materia melding guide! (be warned, your hard earned gil is in danger). Ffxiv 2.4 bis gathering gear guide & max materia melds, Updated 2.4! get your dol gear on! find out the best in slot gathering gear for any disciple of land. also, the maximum amount of stats meldable! (materia).


Best gathering gear materia set-up? : ffxiv, I'm about to hit 50 in both botany an fishing today. i made full sets of hq level 50 gear and i want to start popping materia in it. i've seen a lot of. Materia guide for ffxiv: a realm reborn | final fantasy, Ffxiv info's latest materia guide for ffxiv: a realm reborn, intended for new players and reference.. Materia meld caps for disciples of land #2, Rose gold earrings of gathering: nq base: gp 39 hq base: gp 45 meld stat caps: gathering 4 | perception 4 | gp 8 dodore survival belt: nq base: perception 14.

Scholar (sch) abilities, traits, combos and materia, If you are looking for the fastest way to reach the level cap with any class or job, this ffxiv leveling guide by killer guides is a definite must have!. How to use materia to tweak stats of end-game gear | ffxiv, Advantages and drawbacks of using crafted gear with materia is explained. Ffxiv guide | a final fantasy xiv leveling guide, Killer guides has added another unofficial guide to their website. their unofficial leveling guide is a new guide that promises to get your class to the level cap in.

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