Ffxiv 2.2 black mage (blm) best in slot (bis) gear guide, Updated for 2.2! here comes the boom! blm bis, black mage soldiery purchasing order - and more!. Ffxiv monk (mnk) best in slot & end-game gear guide, Don't get lost in ffxiv patch 2.3! our changelog & patchnotes has all the starting quest locations! less getting lost, more playing!. Black mage (blm) abilities, traits and cross class | ffxiv, Ffxiv info on black mage abilities, traits and materia.

Thread: How to gear BLM best

Which grand company is best? | ffxiv arr forum - final, This was the only place i could find with any information about the reason to choose one or the other two. http://accomp.me/ffxiv/ffxiv-arr-grand-companies/.

Sure: http://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/w/images/e/e1/BlackMageAF.jpg