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Ffxiv 2.4 black mage (blm) best in slot (bis) gear guide, Kirzela-february 10th, 2015 at 9:41 pm none comment author #2744 on ffxiv 2.4 black mage (blm) best in slot (bis) gear guide by ffxiv guild. Ffxiv: arr - updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation guide, bis, Heya guys! dervy here! sorry i took a while to upload a video. so, this is the updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation video. shows the new "main" dps rotation. Ffxiv 2.4 white mage (whm) best in slot (bis) gear, Hello there, both of you! going to jump into this discussion, but also ask a quick question to ffxiv guild. will you ever add the demon gear as viable options when.

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Ffxiv: arr - dragoon patch 2.45 guide - changes, rotation, Http://www.facebook.com/dervygaming previous dragoon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs03- _____­_____ tl;dw use sp + ir together. they share. Question about blm bis and gearing : ffxiv, Hi guys, there are a lot of posts regarding blm bis, so i'm not here to ask which set of gear that is. however i need help with something. i'm focusing on. Blm: why thunder 2 over thunder 3 dot? : ffxiv, I've been reading up on blm 50 rotations and it has always said to use thunder 2 for the dot, while thunder 3 only for the thundercloud proc. i've nev.

Final fantasy xiv - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Plot setting . final fantasy xiv makes use of the standard rpg exploration mechanics, consisting of several regions with unique geography, ranging from snowy. Complete guide for patricians + 100% hq 2-star rotations, I'm putting this together to benefit anyyone who is interested in creating one set of gear for all of your level 50 crafting jobs, that will give you the.

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