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Ffxiv 2.4 black mage (blm) best in slot (bis) gear guide, Okay so you wanna pew pew in 2.4 as black mage? you came to the right place to find the gear you need to do just that. but before we begin let me say: due to the. Ffxiv 2.4 black mage (blm) best in slot (bis) gear guide, **content here may be unupdated as it is for 2.2 patch or people gearing up for t6 onwards** so 2.2 has found you frying and freezing it up with your black mage, ey?. Ffxiv: arr - updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation guide, bis, Heya guys! dervy here! sorry i took a while to upload a video. so, this is the updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation video. shows the new "main" dps rotation.

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Ffxiv: arr - dragoon patch 2.45 guide - changes, rotation, Http://www.facebook.com/dervygaming previous dragoon video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gs03- _____­_____ tl;dw use sp + ir together. they share. Final fantasy xiv - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Plot setting . final fantasy xiv makes use of the standard rpg exploration mechanics, consisting of several regions with unique geography, ranging from snowy. Solo guide: levels 1 to 35 :: final fantasy xiv (ffxiv, Azury ariella's solo guide (up to level 35) edit: new guide for better efficiency post sp-change patch: http://ffxiv.zam.com/forum.html?forum=152&mid.

Patch 2.5 notes (full release) : ffxiv - reddit, I was wondering about that. didn't see it in our patch notes, but yoshi explicitly mentioned they were doing this in 2.5 in a recent interview..

Looks up at Dalamud* I'm a wizard, and that looks F'd up