Ffxiv Arr Best In Slot Items For Black Mage

Ffxiv black mage (blm) best in slot & end-game gear guide, This guide is what we at ffxivguild.com have determined to be the ideal gear for a black mage given the possible stat combinations. this however, does not necessarily. Ffxiv 2.2 white mage (whm) best in slot (bis) gear, Are you ready for through the maelstrom? ffxiv patch 2.2 patchnotes & changelog! if you are looking to maximize your ffxiv gaming experience, check out these ffxiv. Paladin (pld) guide | ffxiv: a realm reborn info (ff14, * this guide only lists gear which is confirmed to be in ffxiv: arr. materia in ffxiv: arr all materia can be added to any slot so this guide only lists the materia.