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Powered by i.c.t. company, duhok - iraq, Powered by i.c.t. company, duhok - iraq. powered by i.c.t. company, duhok - iraq. Hawlertp town traffic police - youtube, Hawlertp town traffic police - youtube hawlertp tp. Abdyi kocher 2011 - youtube, Abdyi kocher 2011 by harman peromari at duhok november of 2011..

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Yazidis - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The yazidis, also yezidi, Êzidî or yazdani, are a kurdish ethnoreligious group. they live primarily in the nineveh province of iraq. additional communities in. Dahuk travel guide - wikitravel, Dahuk (also spelled duhok or dohuk) is a city in iraqi kurdistan. get in . coming from zakho near the turkish border, buses and taxis run regularly and cost no more. رێڤه‌په‌ریا هاتن و چوونێ ل دهوكێ, هاتن و چوونا دهوكێ ل گه‌ل سه‌روكاتیا ساخله‌میا دهوكێ به‌شداری دهه‌وا ڤاكسین دانا.

Persecution of the kurds: the documents of saddam’s, The kurds have had a long and troubled history in iraq. under saddam hussein tens of thousands of kurds were massacred and their villages destroyed during iraq’s. Akurd web directory - ماڵپەڕە کوردییەکان, Akurd is a web directory english | كوردی: your start page, all links you need and more. Kurdistan4all.com, kurdistan startpage, everything about, Kurdistan4all.com is the startpage of kurdistan,kurdistan,kurdistan regional government's website, krg, provides news, progress reports and reference material about.

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