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on sunday march 29th a u s medical team arrived at erbil international ...

Yazidis - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The yazidis (also yezidi, Êzidî, yazdani) are a kurdish ethno-religious community whose syncretic but ancient religion yazidism (a kind of yazdânism) is linked to. 2011 fiba asia championship qualification - wikipedia, the, The 2011 fiba asia championship qualification was held in late 2010 and early 2011 with the gulf region, west asia, southeast asia, east asia and middle asia (central. رێڤه‌په‌ریا هاتن و چوونێ ل دهوكێ, دوو رويدانين هاتن و چوونێ دا 7 كه‌س بونه‌ قورباني دئه‌نجام دا ترومبێل بو 2 پارچه‌ و شوفێري.

êzîdîpress english edition, Islamism in german refugee hostels: ezidis and christians threatened with death. after being dispelled from their homeland and seeking refuge abroad due to the threat. World report 2014: iraq | human rights watch, Human rights conditions in iraq continued to deteriorate in 2013. security dramatically declined as sectarian tensions deepened. al qaeda in iraq and other insurgent. #ن: how an arabic letter was reclaimed to support iraq, In mosul, is militants marked with a spray-painted ن (the arabic letter for “n”) all christian property to be seized after the ultimatum..

One of the Duhok university campus buildings.