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Dayz epoch, Arma3: epoch mod. epoch mod is a hybrid of genres with elements of science fiction and horror. epoch is set in 2035, just two years after a massive world wide extinction.. Dayz epoch - part 6 - weapon caches! - youtube, Playing on the dayz epoch mod since a lot of you asked, and a lot of you guys enjoy this series! follow me on twitter for all the latest info - https. Dayz weapons wiki - weapons, attachements, ammos, 2 days ago dayz 0.57 stable patch release is aimed for next week. probably up to 3 exp. updates until then.

Standalone DayZ Cars

Dayz epoch mod: all news, infos, download & videos - dayz tv, Dayz epoch is one of the most advanced dayz mod ever released. it includes many end-game features such as base building, advanced crafting, trading system etc…. [epoch] safe zone commander (god, anti - open dayz, Alienx's epoch safe zone commander (thing) version 0.4 please note: as of 02/01/2014 i am no longer creating dayz scripts, dayz used to be fun. Dayz epoch tutorials: epoch safe zones - youtube, This video informs you how to add and edit a safe zone system for your server. it will god mode both players and vehicles as well as remove the ability to.

M249 SAW