Comet Ison Really A Mother Ship

Ufo sightings daily: 3.1 mile comet ison being escorted by, 3.1 mile comet ison being escorted by two ufos toward earth! ufo sighting news.. 5 most mysterious objects in the solar system - youtube, Presenting comet ison and other strange visitors to our stellar neighborhood subscribe to dark5 like dark5 on facebook Comet elenin : 10 facts you need to know | astronotes, Comet elenin is coming! we’re doomed! comet elenin’s approach is said to be bringing destruction. here are the facts about this feared visitor from deep space..

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Comet-chasing probe to make historic rendezvous, At roughly half the size of halley's comet, comet borrelly was found to have similar attributes to its famous cousin. the nucleus was also potato-shaped. Unknown glowing 'ufo' in evening western sky - starship, By gregg prescott october 16, 2013 from in5d website . for the past week or longer, there has been a strange, glowing ufo in the horizon of the western sky and. The annunaki mothership and mankind feat. marshall, Marshall klarfeld. researcher and author marshall klarfeld discussed the ancient et race, the annunaki, and how a.

The elephant bar -, The washing machine-sized lander was released by its rosetta mother ship at 0835am gmt on wednesday morning and touched down at a perfect spot on the comet’s surface.. Dna & twinflames -, Twin flames a message from mother sekhmet 12.15.13. greetings children of ra. this is mother sekhmet. we have been connected to one another since the beginning of. Bad astronomy - slate magazine, Today, how about we turn that around, look down, and do the same thing for our fair planet?.

Comet Coming in 2013