: cobell : native american legal update, Many native americans are wondering about the status of the $3.4 billion cobell settlement, and when the funds will be paid to those who are eligible.. Second cobell v. salazar settlement checks expected early 2014, The release of the second payments for the cobell v. salazar indian trust settlement is expected early 2014.. Indian trust settlement update 3 (cobell v. salazar), We have some new updates on the cobell v. salazar indian trust settlement, including some huge payments to the settlement administrator… first, on march 18th, 2013.

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When will i get my cobell settlement payment? : native, Many native americans are wondering whether they are eligible to receive money from the $3.4 billion settlement of the cobell lawsuit – and also. The buffalo post » cobell v. salazar, The four objectors to the historic cobell land trust mismanagment settlement say they’re not backing down, even after their names and phones numbers were published. Cobell v. salazar indian trust settlement checks mailed!, Update 2: more than 30,000 class members of the cobell v. salazar indian trust class action settlement are still awaiting payments. class counsel explains why..

Osage blog: osage shareholder matters--part 2-february 2014, The only ones who will be getting cobell money are those who have had an iim account at any time during a specified beginning date through to an ending date.. Osage blog - blogspot.com, We're one year old today, june 18th, 2014! a big thanks to all of you who are making the osage blog an active communication tool for osages all over the world.. Blogspot: friends of peltier, A blog for daily news and current events with highlights regarding leonard peltier.