Bis Bard Gear Ffxiv

Ffxiv 3.0 bard ( brd ) bis for heavensward (final), Wait a minuet and stop wandering around! you’ve found the bard bis for 3.0!!! thankfully, after a string of patches where brd bis was sucky, this patch offers a bit. Ffxiv 3.0 white mage (whm) bis for heavensward (final), Hey fellow white mages! as always, i’ll update whm bis first out of all the classes! if you’re curious what gear you should be working towards in heavesnward 3.0. Ffxiv: arr - updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation guide, bis, Heya guys! dervy here! sorry i took a while to upload a video. so, this is the updated patch 2.1 dragoon rotation video. shows the new "main" dps rotation.


FFXIV ARR Halatali Dungeon Guide - FFXIV Guild