Best In Slot Dragoon Gear Ffxiv Arr

Ffxiv 2.4 dragoon (drg) best in slot (bis) gear guide, Give them the stick with your dragoon and kit it right with our drg bis guide for 2.4! dragoons have finally something to be happy about. they are the only dps class. Ffxiv 2.4 white mage (whm) best in slot (bis) gear, For legs and boots: the piety on them outweigh the crit if you’re running low piety on other gear. however, please give your scholar first dibs on the legs.. Ariyala's final fantasy xiv toolkit - ffxiv gear calculator, Best in slot solver. the solver will calculate the best in slot items based on the weight and minimum values editable below. only items from the currently selected.

Dragoons: a rotation reborn - square enix, Priority > rotation when it comes to speccs that involve dots/short term buffs/debuffs. rather then a 'rotation' its best to think of it more as a priority system..

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