Al Mayadin News Online news article: u.s. military conducts, U.s. military conducts airstrikes against isil in syria and iraq. from a u.s. central command news release. washington, oct. 5, 2014 – u.s. military forces. Is an uprising against isis beginning in syria? - middle, Several members of the religious police force set up by the terrorist organization islamic state have been kidnapped, the syrian observatory for human rights reported. Ar-raqqah - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Ar-raqqah (arabic: الرقة ‎ ar-raqqah), also called rakka and raqqa, is a city in syria located on the north bank of the euphrates river, about 160 kilometres.

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الميادين | الرئيسية, شبكة الميادين الإخبارية هي شبكة إعلامية عربية. تقوم الميادين على شعار 'الواقع كما هو. 14 militants, at least 5 civilians killed in latest us-led, At least 14 islamic state militants and five civilians have been killed in airstrikes carried out by the us-led forces overnight in northeast syria. Aleppo - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Aleppo is the largest city in syria and serves as the capital of aleppo governorate, the most populous syrian governorate. with an official population of 2,132,100.

27 sept f 15e strike on isil compound near kobani, syria, U.s. central command. The islamic state of iraq and al-sham - rubin center, Pdf version available here. this article examines the rise of the al-qa’ida-aligned group known as the islamic state of iraq and al-sham (isis) since its. United states air strikes target is-controlled oil refineries, For the first time since the united states and five arab countries started bombing positions of the islamic state group in syria, oil installations under.

Group Islamic Shiites in Syria's Hama State 8 Beheads