4511 bcd to 7-segment decoder - doctronics, The 4511 is a bcd to 7-segment decoder driver. its function is to convert the logic states at the outputs of a bcd, or binary coded decimal, counter like the 4510. 4510 bcd up/down counter - doctronics, The 4510 is a bcd, or binary coded decimal counter with four outputs capable of counting up or down, following the bcd pattern, according to the logic states of. Cmos 4000 - cmos 4056 - bcd-to-7-segment-decoder for lc, Simple • digital • fast the datasheetcollection for the ics of the cmos 4000 series ›› more details.

4511 BCD to 7-segment decoder

Cmos 4000 - the datasheet collection, The datasheet collection for the ics of the cmos 4000 series. watch now!. Building a digital speedo - martybugs.net, Building a digital speedo this page describes the digital speedometer i built in 1995 for my datsun 1200. background info the analog speedo in my 1971 datsun 1200 was. Random number generator using 7 segment display, It is very simple and easy to construct project which will display random numbers from 0 to 7 on a 7 segment display. this random number generator circuit can serve.

High-speed cmos hc(t) :: nxp semiconductors, Nxp offers a collection of easy to use online design tools for power and lighting applications read more.

... 8951 interfacing 7 segment display using 7447 decoder the ic7447 is